Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals

Plant-made pharmaceuticals offer a number of advantages over traditional systems for the development and production of vaccines and protein therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies.


  • The flexibility and speed of plant technology enables high throughput screening and optimization of biotherapeutics before they ever reach clinical trials.
  • Plants are able to make novel and complex molecular forms that cannot otherwise be produced in cell-based systems, thus providing the opportunity to open new treatment paradigms for patients with unmet medical needs.
  • There are significantly lower facility and production costs associated with plant-based technology.
  • Plant-based systems are more likely to scale to meet increased and varied demand, from personalized to global applications.
  • The speed of production allows accelerated screening of new therapeutics and vaccines against emerging threats inclubing pandemic events.

Plant-based technology offers less risk of propagating human pathogens or other mammalian contaminants.