Campaigns & Collateral
Energize your in-hospital Communication Campaigns with Patient & Family Guides, Wall Posters, Tent Cards and Video Monitor Messaging.
HCAHPS Education
Combine your brand with your HCAHPS strategy to build communication and education programs that both inspire internal staff and enlighten patients.
Video Reinforcement
Leverage waiting room walls and screens to reinforce your HCAHPS messaging, enabling high visibility imprinting of your key messages.


Align education and communication campaigns around your core strategy, reinforcing your values across all touchpoints with consistent messaging to both clients and internal teams. (Pictured: HCA North Texas programs)

What people say?

"DRIVE does beautiful work that is thoughtful, compelling and creative. We are always delighted by their service and expertise."

Ellen Magnis, Chief of External Affairs, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

What people say?

"They always deliver on their promise, DRIVE always gets it!"

Clynt B. Taylor, Senior Vice President, eviti, Inc.

What people say?

"DRIVE always goes above and beyond to make a program outstanding and memorable for all involved."

Shawn Whalen Shinn, Senior Vice President, The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education

What people say?

"DRIVE always exceeds our expectations."

Pat Brown, Strategic Development Director, Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers


We rapidly design and deploy video-based rich-media e-Learning modules and on-line microsites to help companies improve service line performance. (Pictured: Medical City Dallas Microsite)


"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done."

Ralph Lauren
It starts with a compelling vision. Building trust with a market-savvy audience also requires consistency. From the tone of your leaders to the behavior of your front-line, deviations from your brand or core values erode audience confidence. Do you believe in your brand vision? Do your customers?
We help companies apply archetypal imagery and cause-connected messaging across all channels. Consistency and relevance dramatically accelerate audience response. Contact us for a no obligation communication audit.

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

Dieter Rams
We design brand-infused, strategically aligned communication and education programs that enlighten and inspire. We design new ways to amplify our client's vision, mission and values in the hearts and minds of their audiences. Design is essential to everything we do.
We engage instructional designers for learning modules, motion designers for video, UI designers for multimedia, graphic designers for branding, writers for scripts, programmers for code, etc. Steve Jobs once said, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

"People don't buy products and services, they buy relationships."

G. Clotaire Rapaille
Campaigns are relationship builders, and the cultural context dramatically impacts audience reception. An audience’s experience, environment, and knowledge influence how they judge your message. In a global economy, your concepts and moral values may not resonate. Our process includes a culture survey designed to help you quickly connect.
Aligning your campaign themes to powerful archetypal stories, images or personalities helps audiences quickly associate positive meaning with your company. We design and deploy Media-Rich Websites, Traditional Collateral, Promotional Videos, Environmental Graphics, eNewsletters, Training, Social Media Content, all seamlessly integrated for campaign success.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and assign tasks, but rather teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Change begins with understanding why. Success in business accelerates when your people understand the obstacles, and have a desire to deliver. We help companies identify and implement learning and development tactics that are strategic and ignite the passion within cause-driven professionals.
We believe in "idea-mining" with front-line teams. Their ideas are the fuel for change, and “endorsement” of initiatives that require their participation. When they understand why, better solutions emerge. We help design the education and communication that accelerates change.


"Life is a continuous series of choices that get easier when you know yourself and know where you're going."

Kevin Corwin Hanson, Strategist
DRIVE IDEAS is an intuitive branding and education consultancy. Leveraging a unique mix of learning thoery, psychology and compelling visuals, we help clients grow by strengthening their brands, products and culture.

DRIVE carefully selects talented strategists, designers and production teams for each project. Our sub-contract methodology keeps overhead low, and enables involvement of world-class designers, technicians, and managers.

Accelerate your strategy through beautifully tailored communication and training. Future Now.


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